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Update by user Apr 10, 2016

After cancelling the order on 09/04 morning, I went on to Twitter/FB ranting about this Pepperfry experience. To my surprise, in evening around 5.00 PM, I got the product delivered.

This was not through courier service but from pepperfry's delivery boys at the warehouse. I checked with these guys if they are coming here on special instructions or someone asked them to deliver it on priority - they said no. The delivery was scheduled as regular and they came to deliver it. So , Imran, who spoke to me in morning and said the order won't be delivered today had no idea that thier delivery team was probably on the way for the order to be delivered.

I didn't return the order as the order status on website didn't show cancelled status.

Now starts the fun. Seema from Pepperfry team called me around an hour later, again apologizing profusely for the delay and promised me that the order will be surely sent tomorrow. The order is already delivered to me but these guys have no clue about it!!!

I asked her to check the current status of the order and then call me. After sometime she called back with confirmation that the order is still in the warehouse and it will be delivered to me tomorrow. That's when I decided to inform her that the order was already delivered to me in evening.

I don't think these cases are going to stop @pepperfry till they fix their warehouse tracking. Pepperyfry has offered full refund on the order.

Update by user Apr 09, 2016

Update 08/04 : So after writing this review and posting it on twitter, I got a call from Priya from "THE CEO's Office at Pepperfry". After profusely apologizing and trying to placate by offering discounts, I was promised that it's being looked into with highest priority and order will be delivered tomorrow i.e.


Update 09/04 : I called their customer support to check if at least , today the product is out for delivery. I was informed that the delivery if scheduled for noon and wait until end of day.

Half an hour later, I get a call from Imran who said he was asked to call me by Priya (probably she has no face left to show after yesterday's promises and apologizing) that they wouldn't be able to deliver the order even today. Can you believe this ***??

I had lost it by then - cancelled the order not before swearing at Imran with all the words in my vocabulary.

I will keep updating this post as I don't think the refund will be easy and I will have to go through the same agony again.

Original review posted by user Apr 08, 2016

I placed an order 19th March and was supposed to get the product between 23rd March by 3rd April. Having experience with ecommerce websites like amazon, snapdeal, etc. I was pretty confident that it will delivered as promised. After around 3-4 days of placing the order, in "TRACK ITEM"( where one sees the current delivery status), my order had reached second last stage "In Transit". After this there is the last stage "Delivered". I was pretty sure it will be delivered soon, around 26th-27th March. Alas! it never came.

After agonizingly waiting till the last day, I called pepperfry's support on 4th April. I was told that the product has reached warehouse and he was not sure why it's not delivered yet. After checking the support rep said there was some technical issue with thier backend because of which the order missed the delivery. He has placed delivery request for me and the package should reach me by tomorrow(ie. 5th april) or maximum by 6th April. One thing I understood here was that if I had not called thier support, the package would have been lying in their warehouse till eternity. Thats the kind of technology these guys have, where there is no tracking of product delivery and only once a customer complains is when they come to know. It doesn't end here.

5th April goes and then comes 6th April. The package has still not come. I again call Pepperfry's customer support, they apologize again and say there is some problem with warehouse, and the order will be delivered surely by tomorrow i.e. 7th April. I don't have much choice but to accept it and wait for the package to come.

On 7th morning I called Pepperfry's customer service to ensure that the package is delivered. The support rep checked with thier warehouse and told me that it scheduled for delivery post luch and it will reach me by evening. It is 7th April evening and the package has still not come. I again called Pepperfry and guess what these morons have again told me that there is some issue with warehouse and the order cannot be delivered today. It will be delivered by tomorrow i.e. 8th April. I disconnected the call with some expletives. I don't know when this order is going to be delivered, but it's one of the worst experience of online shopping., guys this is 2016 and you are still relying on customer to tell you that a product is not delivered, and even after 4 follow up calls, still the order is not delivered? SHAME ON YOU.

Update 8th April: Today, called up customer support and got an update that their warehouse is closed. Can you believe it ?? They won't be delivering it even today.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. ajg_ajg stated that there is a room for improvement of very much delayed delivery and customer service. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss order processing issue of delivery service. Pepperfry needs to offer any options to resolve the issue according to poster's claims.

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