Pepperfry's already got egg on its face as far as honesty, delivery on time, customer-friendlyness, hassle-free shopping, to name a few, are concerned.

Firstly, They don't have a great collection or variety to choose from, nor do they have an authentic supply-chain to back them. A lot of their products seem spurious or cheap imitations! & mostly Chinese-made!! Uh-uh... won't make the grade...

2ndly, they have a very skewed return policy, heavily biased against the consumer. They never return the money at all, irrespective of whose fault it is!!!

What you get back, instead, are worthless "pepper-points" with a 15-day validity. So much for trust and loyalty and blah-blah-blah...

3rdly, a lot of non-available products are listed as "in stock" for long after the orders are made & paid for,

and the fact that the item is not in stock is conveyed a fortnight later. This seems like a cheap tactic to trick the customer into paying for a phantom product, and

later forcing him/her to make a hasty purchase of a product he/she is not really interested in purchasing, and within a very short window of 15-damned-days!!

At this rate, pepperfry seems to be the least promising of the current crop of e-com sites.

And Stableview was spot on with its predictions.

https://stableview.wordpress.com/201 looks like the fried-pepper has already lost all its spice!

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